Rod Picott Sets the Pace in “65 Falcon”


For more than a dozen years, Rod Picott has been traversing the highways with his gritty, honest folk music. That’s probably why his new tune, “65 Falcon,” sounds so natural.

However, the video shoot in Columbia, Tenn., wasn’t quite a smooth ride. Picott and director Stacie Huckeba quickly found the namesake vehicle through some friends, but then things started falling apart.

“We had an unblemished record that day of every single thing going wrong. The car overheated, the parking brake got stuck, it rained, we lost our good light,” Picott tells CMT Edge. “I mean it was one thing after another, but when you film with Stacie, it is guerrilla warfare-style. You don’t stop, no matter what. So it was incredibly fun. If we had run out of gas, Stacie would have found some guys to push the car and kept going.”

The lyric about the static-riddled AM dial gives insight into Picott’s own musical sensibilities, from classic country to soul to ‘70s rock.

“The AM radio station I listened to obsessively when I was a kid played everything. Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin, George Jones, Charlie Rich, the Carpenters, Otis Redding were all played right alongside each other,” he says. “I love the starkness of the early country recordings. A great song has to withstand stripping it down to its bones. The classic country stuff is what I studied when I moved to Nashville.”

Meanwhile, the steady, midtempo groove of “65 Falcon” almost gives the impression that you’re riding in the car, taking your sweet time.

“It’s all about pace,” Picott confirms. “Do I think the world needs another car song? No. But, I didn’t care. I wanted to write mine.”

The track comes from Picott’s upcoming album, Hang Your Hopes on a Crooked Nail, arriving on Feb. 11. Check out the CMT Edge premiere of Rod Picott’s music video, “65 Falcon.”