Josh Rouse Imagines John Lennon on “A Lot Like Magic”


For longtime Josh Rouse fans, his 2013 album The Happiness Waltz marked a satisfying return to form. Upbeat tracks like “A Lot Like Magic” recalled the spirit of collections like Home, 1972 and Nashville from the early 2000s. Plus, he reunited with producer Brad Jones, who has a knack for bringing out Rouse’s skill for social observation, not to mention those catchy melodies.

A Nebraska native, Rouse spent his musically formative years in Nashville in the 1990s. Now he’s based in Spain, a move that reflected the vibe of many of his newer albums. Luckily, when he toured the U.S. in September, he came back through the city that once nurtured his promising songwriting talent.

During a visit to the CMT studio in September, Rouse explained that John Lennon’s ideas inspired one of his new tunes which he wrote with Daniel Tashian. Enjoy the CMT Edge live performance of “A Lot Like Magic.”