The Greencards Follow the Sun to Grammy Awards


The Greencards found a way to go with the flow on their newest album, Sweetheart of the Sun. After writing the poetic “Black, Black Water,” the acoustic-oriented trio decided to dive into a water-themed record.

“Once we wrote that song, we discussed the idea of not just having one song like that, but basing the whole record on that theme,” Warner told CMT Edge. “It went a lot smoother once we decided to do that, and the album really shaped up when we had that in mind.”

The strategy worked, as Sweetheart of the Sun earned a Grammy nod for best folk album. It’s the third career nomination for the band, which has roots in Australia but currently resides in Austin. By email, Kym Warner caught up with CMT Edge about the striking video, the Grammy attention and the year ahead.

CMT Edge: What was it about the video treatment for “Black, Black Water” that appealed to you?

Warner: The video was filmed on the Central Coast of Australia. Beautiful, yet eerie — we lived there in the area around 1998 before moving to the U.S. Our memories of that region were in the forefront of our minds whilst writing the song, “Black, Black Water.”

Earning a Grammy nomination as an independent band is a remarkable feat. What is the biggest reward when it comes to being independent?

Well, it’s pretty tough to beat the high of a Grammy nomination. We’re also pretty proud of the fact that we were actually able to make this album, Sweetheart of the Sun, which is our second independent release. … you know, funding, pulling the creative side together. Fortunately we had a great producer in Gary Paczosa who really got what we were going for and ran with it. Yeah, I would say these little victories are just that little bit sweeter when you achieve them without a record label.

The Grammys are a fantastic way to start the year. What else are you looking forward to in 2014?

The Grammy weekend in Los Angeles is such a fun time. We know a bunch of our friends and peers who are going, too, so the hang will be great. Then in March, we head back to Australia to play a couple of killer festivals — Port Fairy Folk Festival and CMC Rocks the Hunter. Really looking forward to playing some shows back home, catching up with the family and eating meat pies!