Tim Easton Offers Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Lie”

In his electric blues romp “Don’t Lie,” Tim Easton warns that avoiding the truth won’t get you far. Quick and authoritative, the song is about two lovers caught in a game of deception — which Easton finds far from unusual.

“‘Don’t Lie’ really came out of thin air,” he told CMT Edge. “You see those couples out and about in Nashville on the east side of town. It’s not hard to see them at work … just burnt-out, on the edge, screaming at each other. I like to write in slightly cinematic terms, and it was easy to write as soon as I got the hook and the chorus.”

That hook and chorus give the track a slinky, taboo feel … like maybe we shouldn’t be listening to this argument. But its video won’t let you turn away, just like a real-life, closing-time drama.

Check out Tim Easton’s “Don’t Lie,” the lead track from his latest album, Not Cool.