Sioux City Kid Sends a Warning in “Lookout Tacoma”


Next time you’re feeling like hard luck would be better than no luck at all, take a wallow with Sioux City Kid and “Lookout Tacoma.”

The moody singer-songwriter, whose real name is Jared Griffin, told CMT Edge he was feeling lost in the Pacific Northwest and “probably trying to escape from whatever was inside me” when he wrote the downbeat track. What emerged sounds like the gospel of sad — both pitifully personal and empathetically universal. Plus it’s backed by a choir of judgmental angels.

A San Francisco native, Griffin wrote the lyrics about messing up everything he touched as a warning to the next town on his map.

“In retrospect, the song seems to have been birthed at a moment where the trouble I was seeing and the trouble I was causing were getting too close,” he says. “It’s bizarre that that song was written some time ago and I still relate to as if it were written yesterday, which gives me plenty to think about. I suppose I’d say the core of the song is about hurting the ones you love, hurting yourself and the two overlapping.”

Hopefully getting his feelings out there helped perk him up because he’ll soon be headed for new and unsuspecting cities. Memphis, Little Rock, Ark., Fort Worth, Texas, and Santa Fe, N.M. are all scheduled for the end of January and early February.

His bluesy album, Minutes, Miles, Troubles and Trials, is out now. Wrap yourself up in the gloomy embrace of Sioux City Kid’s “Lookout Tacoma.”