Adrian Krygowski Takes a “Shot” at Writing in Reverse


East Nashville’s Adrian Krygowski jumps into “Shot in the Dark” as a couple’s volatile relationship crumbles around them. The soul-inspired folk musician took a chance on writing a song in reverse – with the breakup at the beginning and a steamy romance at the end.

“Sometimes the first verse I write ends up being the last verse in the final version of the song,” Krygowski tells CMT Edge by email. “This time I wrote a story backwards. The first verse tells the breakup and ending, while the second verse tells of a growing and maturing relationship. Once I brought these two verses to my weekly songwriter’s workshop, the idea came to me. The song ends with a final verse portraying the beginning of the relationship and how it was doomed to fail.”

The creative young artist has seen his share of doomed situations. In 2011, he was sent to Buffalo, N.Y., by his corporate employer to fill in while the unionized workforce there was on strike. By day, he would be threatened and harassed by the striking workers and apathetic cops. By night, he would write songs about it in an empty baseball diamond.

More than anything, the experience steeled his resolve to achieve his musical hopes and dreams.

“As a songwriter — even a successful songwriter — it’s easy to feel like the underdog as you listen to many other artists and songs receive recognition and awe,” he says. “This song was a challenge for me in that it pushed my songwriting as a musician and as a storyteller.”

His new LP Roam — a nod to his turbulent time in Buffalo — arrives Tuesday (Jan. 14), but for now, pull the trigger on the world premiere of Adrian Krygowski’s “Shot in the Dark.”