Rosanne Cash Touches the Heart With “Etta’s Tune”


The first line of Rosanne Cash’s “Etta’s Tune” is an unusual one: “What’s the temperature, darling?” Following this exquisite performance in the CMT studio with trusty sidekick John Leventhal — her husband, co-writer and producer — she graciously explained the story behind the song.

Etta Grant is the widow of Marshall Grant, Johnny Cash‘s bass player. Still a close family friend, Etta mentioned that she and her husband of 65 years started each morning with that same memorable greeting. Thus, the first line of the song was born. Vividly describing the life of an ever-traveling musician, the lyrics beautifully capture the journey of a lifelong romance.

The evocative song comes from Rosanne Cash’s outstanding new album, Enjoy this exclusive CMT Edge performance of “Etta’s Tune.”