Alana Amram Wonders “Should I Go Now”?


While bartending on a slow night a few years ago, Alana Amram began scribbling fed-up lyrics on the backs of customer checks about where her life should go next. When she and her band the Rough Gems gave the song life, the bleak “Should I Go Now” sounded like something pulled out of a time capsule.

“I never try for a classic sound but strive to make songs that reinforce my stories,” Amram tells CMT Edge by email. “With a song like this, you just have to know when it is time to put down the paint brush and let it dry. I left a lot of space in it, and that rarely happens in modern music.”

Her creation pairs a soothing string melody with willowy despair, but its familiar feel leaves plenty of room for interpretation. Still, Amram says some parts have very specific origins.

“‘Should I go now, let our lives remain unchanged,’ this is a line from a mental debate,” she says. “The moment where you know you are about to cross a line and it is going to alter your life. Every time you cross that line, it undoubtedly does.

“Relationships of all kinds always seem to steer the course of our paths. The heart may already know you are in love, but when the mind decides to act on it, you are in trouble!”

Alana Amram & the Rough Gems’ Spring River comes out March 4. Check out the CMT Edge premiere of “Should I Go Now.”