Swear and Shake Imagine a Fantastic “Fire”


An imaginative director creates his own fairy tale in Swear and Shake’s new video for “Fire.”

In it, a princess in a castle falls in love with the man in the moon. Paired with the song’s resolute lyrics about a love that’s never been shared, filmmaker Michael Oshins builds a fantasy kingdom complete with dragons, pirate ships and space rockets.

“Although Michael had done his best to explain his concept to us, we really had no idea what the video would look like,” drummer Benny Goldstein told Paste magazine in December.

The Brooklyn-based indie-folk band do their best to help singer Kari Spieler reach her lonely love in the sky. Sadly, the man in the moon and his big heart seem destined to be all alone.

“When we first watched the video, we were in Miami on tour, crowded around a laptop. It was an intense moment for all four of us,” Goldstein said. “We kept on laughing and shouting because of how beautiful Michael’s work was, and I may have teared up near the end. … OK, I teared up near the end.”

Check out Swear and Shake and their bedtime story-worthy video for “Fire.”