Live @ CMT: Amos Lee Inhabits Colorful Characters

Amos Lee left a lasting, if contradictory, impression when he visited the CMT studio in November 2013, the morning after wrapping a two-night stand at the Ryman Auditorium. Confident and cool yet also shy and serious, Lee laid bare the raw nerves of folk music while wrapping his words in a powerful, luxurious voice.

Strolling into the intimate space, Lee stepped up to the microphone and got right down to business. He performed a four-song sampling of tunes with just an acoustic guitar and became a different character with each one: At first a convincing bluesman, then a hopeful optimist, next a vindicated lover and finally a freedom-loving youngster with the wind in his face.

In this exclusive Live @ CMT performance, watch as Amos Lee bends his voice and attitude with “Skipping Stone,” “Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight,” “Chill in the Air” and “Windows Are Rolled Down.”