Driftwood Throw a Party as “The Sun’s Going Down”

Despite the band’s name, Driftwood is anything but wooden and meandering. Based in Binghamton, N.Y., the ambitious and energetic string band released their satisfying, self-titled project earlier this month. By email, CMT Edge caught up with Driftwood’s violinist-vocalist Claire Byrne to chat about their brand new video, “The Sun’s Going Down.”

CMT Edge: There’s a lot of spirit in this song and definitely an independent streak, too. What sort of emotion, or message, were you hoping to capture when you wrote it?

Byrne: I guess the arrangement for this song really came out of a love for classic country duets. Also one of the strongest qualities of our live show is that there are three different singers, and we all sing the lead role in different songs. We wanted to capture that as much as possible on this CD.

I wasn’t necessarily thinking that when I wrote it, but songs take on such a different shape when you bring them to the band and I guess that’s my favorite part about this recording. Everyone was really able to put their stamp on it.

What was it about this barroom that made such a suitable backdrop for this video? (Other than the fact that it’s the best place to be when the sun’s going down.)

The idea for the barroom backdrop in the video came out of recording. When we first started tracking the song we were having trouble getting momentum, so we tried a slower, piano-led version. It had a very swanky, smoky kind of bar feel to it. We knew it wasn’t the right take, but we talked about how it would be perfect for a bar setting and this really planted the seed for the video.

Then when it came time to shoot, we really wanted to get our hometown involved, so we made it an open event and let our fans know when and where we were shooting. We also had a friend recently open a bar in Binghamton and he let us use it for the night. It was so much fun!!

Looking toward a new year, what lies ahead for you all in 2014?

Our hope for 2014 is that we are able to keep doing what we’ve been doing thus far — tour, write songs and get better at playing music. We have hopes of recording another CD. Who knows, maybe we’ll start soon.

Enjoy the CMT Edge premiere of Driftwood’s “The Sun’s Going Down.”