Sam Outlaw Pulls His First Job in “Cry for Me”


For his first-ever music video, “Cry for Me,” L.A.-based singing cowboy Sam Outlaw wanted to do something original and not … umm … beat a dead horse.

“The lovely/talented Matt Wignall produced and directed this video, and he came up with the idea to film us ‘riding’ a fake horse through the desert,” Outlaw tells CMT Edge by email. “I thought it was a hilarious idea, but obviously the next thought was, ‘Where the hell do we get a fake horse?’”

After finally renting a foam one from a taxidermist in Burbank, Calif., the crew was filming out in the Joshua Tree National Park in no time.

“I smiled when I saw the final edit. It was my first stab at a music video, and I think we made something distinct,” Outlaw says. “I also felt extremely grateful that Matt’s assistant was willing to dress up as our ‘Oracle of the Desert Wind’ and stand alone on a freezing mountaintop on a windy day, wearing 6-inch high heels.”

In his gently-loping country tune, Outlaw — which, believe it or not, is his mother’s maiden name — does his best to quit some bad habits. However, his even-keeled voice always stays a bit non-committal, like he’s already weary of the plan.

“‘Cry for Me’ is about how good it feels to self-medicate,” he says. “And how that’s also the precise reason it’s dangerous.”

The track is one of three digital singles planned with their own videos and artwork, while his debut album Nobody Loves Sam Outlaw was released early in 2013.

Form up a posse to catch Sam Outlaw and his unique Western video, “Cry for Me.”