Charlie Faye Opens Her Heart for “It’s a Fighter”


The creative vision behind Charlie Faye’s brand new video for “It’s a Fighter” falls somewhere between Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland, with a healthy groove to keep things interesting.

“The song ‘It’s a Fighter’ is about the struggle between head and heart, and the heart is pretty damn persistent!” she tells CMT Edge by email. “In the video, you have the sense that the girl is searching for something, exploring all the nooks and crannies of this big old house. She’s looking for clues, or for answers — rolling the dice, opening every door and trying to buy herself more time by resetting the hourglass — but she doesn’t find any logical answers. Just the mysterious inner-workings of her heart.”

Most of the video was filmed in an old house in Manor, Texas, not far from Faye’s home base of Austin. All the way through the final scenes, you can tell this was no ordinary film set.

“The house had no air conditioning, and we were filming in the dead of summer — in Texas! It was an intense shoot,” she says. “The birdcage, the dice, the hourglass … there are so many memorable moments in the video. But for me, the bathtub scene at the end kind of takes the cake.”

Looking ahead, Faye is preparing for a couple of West Coast tour dates, then plans to spend some time in Los Angeles soaking up the music business. After that, she’ll start working on a soul record back home in Austin.

“By summer, if I get my way, I’ll be playing a great opening slot for an artist I really respect,” she adds.

Judging from her latest video, she is well-equipped to find her way. Enjoy the CMT Edge premiere of Charlie Faye’s “It’s a Fighter.”