The Grahams Branch Out in “Cathedral Pines”

The Grahams go for a moody, murderous approach in their brand new video, “Cathedral Pines.” A married duo with roots in New York City, Doug and Alyssa Graham were inspired to drive 2,500 miles along the Mississippi River — from Minnesota to Louisiana — to learn more about regional roots music. After that sojourn, they hunkered down in an old houseboat to write the music that wound up on their latest project, Riverman’s Daughter.

While they lived to tell the tale, not all the characters in “Cathedral Pines” are quite so lucky. As the pulpy narrative unfolds, keep an eye out for well-placed words that match up with the lyrics, spotted on everything from dog tags to bartenders. But be prepared to shield your eyes at the end.

Check out the CMT Edge premiere of the Grahams’ “Cathedral Pines.”