Green River Ordinance Put the Fun in “Flying”


“There really is something special about Texas in the country during the summer,” says Green River Ordinance guitarist Jamey Ice. “It’s always crazy hot, but it’s fun.”

Over the summer, the friendly pop-folk combo was looking for a way to represent themselves and their fans in their “Flying” video, so they decided to host a party.

“We shot the video about 20 minutes outside of Fort Worth (our hometown) in Cleburne, Texas, at a place called Mainstay Farm. It’s this great Christmas tree farm that some friends of ours own. The place is awesome and a ton of fun, and as soon as we started talking about shooting a video for ‘Flying,’ we knew it was the perfect spot,” Ice says.

“Our goal was to make an event out of the video shoot and a) do something fun for our fans and friends and b) capture the feeling of a Texas summer night in the country — grilling out, dancing, drinks, horseshoes and good times with friends.”

Director Sam Ryan hit that mark perfectly, presenting a late-afternoon performance along with some first-rate two-stepping in the magical sunset hour. Friends are scattered throughout the video, but there was one special appearance that became Ice’s favorite.

“My favorite part of the video is that I got to show off my truck,” he says. “I have a 1972 bright blue Ford F-100 that is my baby. It was a blast getting to drive it around and use it in the video.”

Along with writing and recording new music, Green River Ordinance will headline a U.S. tour in the spring. But you can get back into a warm-weather frame of mind today with their summery video, “Flying.”