Greg Holden Sees the World With “The Lost Boy”


Greg Holden’s poignant song “The Lost Boy” can be traced back to quite a few places. First of all, the New York City resident wrote the song after reading about a Sudanese refugee in Dave Eggers’ book, What Is the What.

“It was so emotional and powerful that I had to write the song. It felt like some sort of duty. I wanted to make a difference after reading the book,” says Holden, who was born in the United Kingdom.

After recording the song in his apartment, Holden sent the track to a DJ friend in Holland, who started playing it to raise money for the Red Cross. And it did, to the tune of $80,000. In light of its success, Holden embarked on a sold-out tour of the country and sang it on a Christmas Eve benefit concert for the Red Cross in front of 10,000 listeners.

In time, the poignant song was heard by U.S. audiences during a key scene on Sons of Anarchy. It’s also featured on the musician’s latest album, I Don’t Believe You.

See the CMT Edge premiere of Greg Holden’s evocative music video, “The Lost Boy.”