Susan Cattaneo Avenges a Betrayal in “Lorelei”


A songwriting professor at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Susan Cattaneo has crafted a cunning tale in her brand new video, “Lorelei.” By email, she reveals that the storyline was inspired by a close friend’s betrayal.

“I lived with the pain and resentment of this incident for a good long while and kept hoping my bitterness would pass,” she says. “Finally, I decided to write about it, and the form that seemed most appropriate was a murder ballad! I kept it upbeat and in a major key, so it has a kind of gleeful madness to it.”

Taking artistic license, Cattaneo came up with the concept of twin sisters — with a sinister twist.

“One twin steals something from the other twin and drowns her. But because they share a blood bond, the drowned twin’s spirit haunts the river and calls to the live sister to come and join her in the riverbed,” she says. “This event brings a shade of darkness to the soul of the drowned twin.”

She continues, “In the video, to capture the conflicted feelings of the twin, I wore the same dress in white and in black. Filming the river scene was key to the story, so despite frigid temps, I took the plunge into the Mystic River near my house in Medford, Mass.!”

Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing double at Cattaneo’s show on Saturday (Dec. 7) in Scuite, Mass. If you go, listen for songs from the album Haunted Heart, arriving on Jan. 21.

Enjoy the CMT Edge world premiere of Susan Cattaneo’s “Lorelei.”