Amelia White Anticipates a “Big Blue Sun”


Amelia White imagines the inner dialogue of a night owl living on the streets in “Big Blue Sun,” a pensive yet propulsive track from her upcoming album, Old Postcard, slated for a Feb. 18 release.

The first-person narrative is “the story of a street person who is at his/her best in the night when the ‘day’ people aren’t around,” the Nashville-based songwriter told CMT Edge by email.

In this case, “best” is definitely subjective since this person possesses nothing but some cigarettes and an empty sidewalk. Still, the character anticipates the darkness each night, when no one’s around, because it helps the surroundings feel a little more normal.

Writing with Doug and Telisha Williams of Wild Ponies, White fills out her lonely imagery with chilly harmonies and a weaving, staggering guitar melody. As birds warn of the coming daylight and six church bells mark the end of night’s safety, the protagonist wishes for a chance to start over and get back to people who care.

“I would hope we can all relate to that wish,” she says. “To just be back to the innocence of a child, taken care of by the blanketing love of a mother.”

Be grateful for the simple things in life with Amelia White’s “Big Blue Sun.”