Uncle Lucius Fight to “Keep the Wolves Away”

For Uncle Lucius’ Kevin Galloway, “Keep the Wolves Away” is really the story of his life and a promise made to his family.

“It’s about my father,” he told CMT Edge during a studio performance. “When I was 13 he was hurt in a chemical accident. … It really motivated my life. It changed everything, and it made me who I am today.”

In the song, Galloway pays tribute to his father’s sacrifice while realizing the tables have turned. It’s now his job to “Keep the Wolves Away.” Backed by the hushed tones of a somber electric guitar and a weeping accordion, Galloway rises to the occasion. The Texas-based group perfectly captures the shock of a life-changing event, along with the steadfast conviction of a son.

Enjoy the CMT Edge live performance of Uncle Lucius’ coming-of-age ballad, “Keep the Wolves Away.”