Scott Barkan Spots a “Flightless Bird”


When it comes to the title track of singer-songwriter Scott Barkan’s upcoming album Flightless Bird, things are not what they seem.

“Flightless birds are fascinating to me because they have all the looks and tools of a regular bird, yet they cannot do what birds are meant to do — fly,” he says. “I used that as a lens to look back at myself, look at the tools I’ve been given that seem like they should be worth something, and yet, often I feel stuck and unable to move forward.”

Barkan is enjoying some momentum at the moment, though. Based in the Hudson Valley in New York, he just completed a short tour in the United Kingdom earlier this month. He’ll be back to his native territory in December, just before releasing his album on Jan. 14.

Are you ready to take a new song under your wing? Check out Scott Barkan’s “Flightless Bird.”