The Speedbumps Slow It Down for “Back to the Start”


When you’re going through the grieving process, sometimes all you want is someone to let you know it’ll be OK. That’s where the Speedbumps’ “Back to the Start” comes in. Band leader Eric Urycki began to write the soft-spoken song after his girlfriend faced the loss of someone close to her.

Just a few weeks after that, his girlfriend’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. She passed away two months later. By then, “Back to the Start” had been completed — and her family used the message to heal, so much so that Urycki sang the song at the funeral.

Although the story behind the song is somber, there is a gentle note of encouragement in the lyrics. The ultimately uplifting track comes from the Kent, Ohio-based band’s upcoming album, The Harbors We Seek, scheduled for a Nov. 29 release. Don’t miss the CMT Edge premiere of the Speedbumps’ “Back to the Start.”