Bottle Rockets Fuse “Every Kinda Everything”


Hailing from Festus, Mo., the Bottle Rockets remain a seminal band of the Americana movement, thanks to their twangy vocals, engaging stage presence and clever songwriting. Marking the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album, the indie ensemble rewarded longtime fans with a much-deserved showcase at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville in October.

The band’s first two albums, Bottle Rockets and The Brooklyn Side, are now available via Bloodshot Records as a two-disc collection, along with a hefty portion of bonus tracks, insightful liner notes and respects from their fellow alt-country torchbearers. It’s every kinda everything you’d want in a reissue.

We were lucky to grab them for a CMT Edge taping during their Nashville visit. See the Bottle Rockets’ stripped-down performance of “Every Kinda Everything.”