Rosi Golan Enchants With “Can’t Go Back”


Drawing on lingering regret and life-changing mistakes, Rosi Golan’s “Can’t Go Back” is one of the saddest songs you’re likely to hear. And that’s probably why I’ve listened to it dozens of times since a friend shared this video with me a few months ago.

“Some things you can’t go back to because you let them slip away,” Golan sings, and you can hear the heartache in her voice. Meanwhile, the beautiful harmonies by her co-writers, Natalie Hemby and Kate York, are like echoes of the past, brought front and center.

If the song seems familiar, you might recognize it from Little Big Town’s latest album, Tornado. But there’s something special about going right to the source. Discover the intriguing video for Rosi Golan’s “Can’t Go Back.”