Brian Wright Moves On With “We Don’t Live There”


Brian Wright is a long way from his childhood home in Texas, but he remains connected to it through musical heroes like Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson, Guy Clark and Kris Kristofferson.

“There’s something in the water in Texas that yields a poetic, left-of-center style of writing that seems unique to so many artists from there,” says Wright on his website. “It’s where all these great stories come from.”

With “We Don’t Live There,” Wright looks back on his life and realizes that maybe the good ole days weren’t actually all that great. Happily, things are better for the thoughtful singer-songwriter now. After building the foundation for a music career in Los Angeles, he and his family are living in Nashville, and he released his fourth album, Rattle Their Chains, in September.

In this bluesy performance video, Wright is joined by special guests Jen Gunderman and Audley Freed. Check out the CMT Edge premiere of “We Don’t Live There.”