Will Hoge Delivers a “Strong” Set for Live @ CMT


“I want to be a musician first, and if the byproduct is a little bit of fame, I’m willing to put up with it,” Will Hoge says. “I’m not dying to be famous. If I could just sell more tickets and still drop my kids off at school and be normal, I’d much prefer that.”

A Nashville native who’s been touring rock clubs around the U.S. for more than a decade, Hoge is now making inroads in the country music community. Thanks to cuts from mainstream artists and significant TV placement with the song “Strong,” Hoge is a hot commodity all of a sudden.

Still, the winning streak doesn’t mean he’s changed all that much.

“I’m sure there are some that look at me as this slacker that doesn’t play by the rules and does it the way he wants to do it, maybe,” he says. “But I still have to load all my gear quite a bit. I’ve done that for many years. You know, there’s a price to get to do what you want to do. It’s just whether or not you’re willing to pay it.”

A few weeks before the release of his new album, Never Give In, the Grammy-nominated songwriter arrived in our CMT studio with a trusted guitar and an upbeat attitude. Check out four exclusive performances from our Live @ CMT sessions with Will Hoge.