Hear Brandy Clark’s “What’ll Keep Me Out of Heaven”


Brandy Clark’s brand new album, 12 Stories, has been celebrated for its wit, yet the one song that immediately pulled me in is a compelling ballad titled “What’ll Keep Me Out of Heaven.” It’s a cheating song that doesn’t make apologies but doesn’t celebrate the decision either.

In the opening lines, the narrator (who describes herself as “some stranger’s wife”) is nervously awaiting a hotel elevator. As she watches the arrow ticking toward the ground floor, she knows if she steps inside to meet a married man on the 10th floor, the consequences will be dire.

“I don’t know what scares me most,” she sings, “the ride up or the ride down.”

As one of CMT’s Next Women of Country, Clark is already making a name for herself on the channel with a clever video for “Stripes.” But as you’ll hear with “Heaven,” she can deliver a classic country tune with the best of them.

In this exclusive CMT studio performance, the Washington state native is joined by Josh Osborne on acoustic guitar. Check out Brandy Clark’s “What’ll Keep Me Out of Heaven.”