Logan Brill Believes in Chris Stapleton’s “Ghosts”


“I’ve always loved the emotion that is evoked in blues and soul music,” says Logan Brill, a Knoxville, Tenn., native who is now based in Nashville.

“Artists like Keb’ Mo’, Buddy Guy, Sam Cooke and Ray Charles have always spoken to me. They could be singing the dictionary and it would still make me feel something. There’s something about blues and soul music that is sort of haunting by its nature.”

That unsettling emotion is reflected in “No Such Thing as Ghosts,” the lead track of Brill’s new album, Walking Wires. The poignant song comes from the catalog of Chris Stapleton, who also infuses his songwriting with undeniable soul.

“My producers played it for me one day knowing that I was already a big fan of Chris Stapleton’s writing. I instantly fell in love with it,” Brill says.

Asked if there was one particular phrase that grabbed her, she replied, “Lyrically, this song is so beautifully written, it would be difficult to choose just one line. But I think the lyric that initially hit me when I first heard the song was the first line of the chorus — ‘I can feel you hanging ‘round, and you ain’t coming back, but you’re here with me right now.’”

Did you just get chills? Happy Halloween, folks. Treat yourself to Logan Brill’s “No Such Thing as Ghosts.”