Foy Vance Finds Drama in “Closed Hand, Full of Friends”


In the classic image of Ireland, a lush, rolling landscape is punctuated by patches of bright sunlight and shadow. In many ways, that describes “Closed Hand, Full of Friends” from Irish singer-songwriter Foy Vance, as well.

Songs from the dramatically-flared artist have appeared in Grey’s Anatomy and House, as well as the short film The Shore, which won an Academy Award in 2012.

For “Closed Hand, Full of Friends,” Vance tries living in London before ultimately finding happiness back home. He anchors the undulating tune with piano, acoustic guitar and a string section while his expansive voice lifts each chorus to ever loftier heights.

In this video, Vance explores a forest, underwater piano playing and a recording studio, all with the added bonus of his tastefully-waxed moustache. Check out Foy Vance and his uplifting video for “Closed Hand, Full of Friends” from the album Joy of Nothing.