Sarah Jarosz Pushes Herself “Over the Edge”


Over the past four years, Sarah Jarosz has put in the hard work required to graduate from college and her “child prodigy” status. Her third album, Build Me Up From Bones, shows a mature and educated singer-songwriter.

“There were days where I thought, ‘I really need to get this homework assignment done, and I need to get this song written,’” Jarosz says about her experience at the New England Conservatory of Music. “But in the end, it was great because it prodded me to go forward.”

The first single from the album, “Over the Edge,” takes the 22-year-old in a rhythmic direction, thanks in part to co-writing from Nashville musician Jedd Hughes.

In a confident new video for the song, Jarosz leads an acoustic trio including cellist Nathaniel Smith and fiddler Alex Hargreaves in a rehearsal studio that feels almost like a laboratory. Take a moment to investigate Sarah Jarosz’s sophisticated video for “Over the Edge.”