Lily & Madeleine Bring Youthful Optimism to “I’ve Got Freedom”


Although Lily & Madeleine are only 16 and 19 years old, respectively, their songs carry a timeless quality — much of it due to their elegant and fragile harmonies. The Jurkiewicz sisters’ vocal blend is as pure as the ringing of a bell.

As songwriters, the Indianapolis-raised duo favor topics and styles that seem too mature for their age. On “I’ve Got Freedom,” what sounds like a decision to break up with someone is actually an ode to growing up. Their self-titled debut album arrives Oct. 29.

“This song actually isn’t about a breakup,” revealed Madeleine in an email with CMT Edge. “Or it’s not about the end of a relationship exactly. When we wrote this song, we were focused on this amazing opportunity we had to escape the sometimes boring and monotonous routine of school, etc.”

“I’m glad you thought it was about a breakup because we really want our songs to be able to be interpreted many ways,” added Lily. “But, yeah, to me, the song is about being excited about new changes in my life.”

The sisters have been singing together longer than they can remember, making it difficult for them to imagine any other way.

“Lily and I are so close that I’m not embarrassed around her,” said Madeleine. “It wasn’t really an ‘ah-ha’ moment. We had been singing together for a long time, and it just made sense to us that our voices sounded good together because we’re related.”

“Yeah,” Lily continued. “We’ve always been writing little jingles and singing together since we were little, so it just kind of happened.”

As for their youth, the sisters feel optimistic about the fresh perspective they can express.

“Lily and I haven’t had a whole lot of life experience,” admitted Madeleine. “But being so young is also a good thing. We have our whole lives ahead of us to have those experiences and develop our sound and get better as writers.”

“I think being young is good because we can also write about all the future experiences we hope to have,” said Lily. “The downside is that often people don’t take teenage girls seriously and assume we can only sing silly songs about boys and popularity. There’s so much more to think and write about than that.”

Check out the CMT Edge premiere of Lily & Madeleine’s video for “I’ve Got Freedom.”