Avett Brothers Film “Another Is Waiting” With Skeleton Crew


Splitting the difference between socially-conscious folk and carefree pop, the Avett Brothers aim for the best of both worlds with “Another Is Waiting,” the first single from their new album, Magpie & the Dandelion.

“I’ve always loved the idea of there being pop songs that have substance or a deeper meaning,” Seth Avett told CMT Hot 20 Countdown while the filming the video in Nashville.

He went on to describe the seriousness of jaunty tune’s message.

“This song is like an anti-glamour comment, and it’s also meant to shed a little light on what I view to be a somewhat widespread epidemic of eating disorders,” he said. “I feel like body image is a major issue, especially here in America. Every billboard you look at, a girl looks a certain way and all the women are supposed to look at her and say ‘I need to look the way she looks.’

“There’s a lot of that in the grocery store lines and everywhere you look. The song is meant to strike at the superficiality and the unrealistic airbrushed body image of the female form in our society.”

Seth’s brother, Scott Avett, makes his directorial debut in the “Another Is Waiting” video and had a very specific idea of how it should turn out.

“We’re getting very literal with this video,” admitted Seth. “The imagery that’s in the lyrics, let’s paint them up in life and make them real.”

Watch the Avett Brothers’ vision come together in their cautionary video for “Another Is Waiting.”