The SteelDrivers “Wearin’ a Hole” Through Station Inn


There’s no better place for bluegrass in Nashville than the Station Inn, and according to the SteelDrivers, it’s also perfect for two-stepping until you wear a hole in the floorboards.

As the co-star of their new video for “Wearin’ a Hole,” the tiny barroom gets plenty of screen time, although you’ll notice a few changes should you ever drop in. There’s usually no room for dancing since the floor is crowded with tables and chairs, the only hard liquor in the place will be discreetly passed in a flask, and never, in a million years, will it be so brightly lit again.

All in all, though, it’s nice to see the historic venue celebrated by a band that’s graced its stage more than a few times over the years. Slip into your dancing boots and watch the SteelDrivers’ lighthearted video for “Wearin’ a Hole.”