Myla Smith Brings “Hiding Places” to the World


Myla Smith is pursuing a music career from her home base in Memphis, yet a classic country element seeped into the title track of her newest album, Hiding Places. In the brave, soul-baring song, she contemplates a husband who would never cheat on her, although he still has demons to fight.

Smith recorded the project in Nashville with one of the city’s most innovative producers, Brad Jones. They decided to collaborate after she sent him an email which sparked a musical friendship and mutual respect.

“I thought the phrase ‘hiding places’ was very evocative on its own,” Smith says. “But when I looked at it again in context with all the other songs, it made even more sense as the album title. I believe that everyone has a deep, deep longing to be seen as we really are. This record explores some of the places we hide and is ultimately a call to take courage, come out of the shadows and chase the life we were meant to live.”

Her own career trajectory speaks to that belief. Smith’s early experience in show biz includes vocal overdubs for the child actors in the infamous Barney and Friends TV series. After getting her college degree in accounting with a 4.0 average, she opted to pursue a life in music instead. And certainly not one to hide, she’ll play a hometown show at Memphis’ River Arts Fest at the end of this month.

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