Ernie Hendrickson Bids a “California Farewell”


When the glamour of the Golden State beckons, it’s hard to resist the call. Ernie Hendrickson captured that wistful feeling in “California Farewell,” the lead track on his brand new album, One for the Dreamers.

“In the case of ‘California Farewell,’ a woman [not his wife] in my inner circle was indeed leaving for California to pursue work in the film industry there,” Hendrickson tells CMT Edge. “So it was a mingling of truth and fiction which gave the song its first-person narrative. Though certainly not the first of its kind thematically, there was enough originality in the melody and portrayal of this classic tale for me to feel good about recording it.”

Hendrickson, a Midwestern native who now lives in Chicago, adds, “I remember walking my dog when the lyrical idea for ‘California Farewell’ came to me. The melody came with it, which is such a pleasant way to write — both words and melody at the same time. Being in motion can have a meditative effect where lots of times an idea will bubble up to the surface. I remember stepping out the rhythm as we walked.”

This weekend, Hendrickson will be traveling to the opposite end of the country, with gigs in New York City on Friday (Oct. 4) and Philadelphia on Saturday.

Enjoy Ernie Hendrickson’s “California Farewell.”