Charlie Robison Recognizes “Brand New Me”


With a song title like “Brand New Me,” you’d expect a big chorus, confident vocals and an undeniable charm. And that’s what you get with this new track from Charlie Robison, even though it’s technically a breakup song. See, his ex-girlfriend’s new man has stepped into the leading role — right down to wearing his old blue jeans.

“It’s a song that in the title hints at redemption,” Robison say. “But in reality, you’re still at the same end of the same old consequences and back where you’ve always been. No matter where you go, there you are.”

Written with a sly wink by his brother Bruce Robison, the track leads Charlie’s latest release, High Life. The collection covers some of the singer’s favorite tunes, like Bob Dylan’s “When I Paint My Masterpiece” and Kinky Friedman’s “Wild Man From Borneo.” His sister Robyn Ludwick also gets a songwriting credit with the plaintive “Out of These Blues.”

Charlie Robison will follow the album’s release with a string of dates around Texas and beyond. After four years since his last studio project, it was high time he made another record.

Check out “Brand New Me.”