Steep Canyon Rangers Train With the Pros


If you’re a bluegrass fan, you already know about Steep Canyon Rangers. And if you’ve been following bluegrass for a long time, you’re sure to recognize two celebrated pickers in the band’s newest video, “Tell the Ones I Love.”

Yes, that’s Roland White taking the lead role, and smiling Sam Bush is behind the bar.

“The song really is about passing it on to those you love, so the grandfather/grandson theme fits so well,” says Graham Sharp, the band’s banjo player and the song’s writer. “Roland White, one of the old masters of bluegrass, plays the grandfather. I don’t know if it’s his acting debut or not, but he looked like a pro. Sam Bush guested as a bartender. He really had to act because Tennessee law wouldn’t let him actually serve beer.”

Sharp says when director Bill Filipiaik sent him the video treatment, it was a perfect fit.

“The video is very personal to me at the moment. I lost my father-in-law this spring, and one of his favorite things to do was put together his old train tracks with my son,” Sharp says. “They had a beautiful relationship, and this video always reminds me of that.”

Seven months after winning their first Grammy, Steep Canyon Rangers are back in their native North Carolina, ready to host the IBMA Awards in Raleigh on Thursday night (Sept. 26). And more than likely, their exceptional new album (also titled Tell the Ones I Love) will be all over the ballot next year.

All aboard for Steep Canyon Rangers’ “Tell the Ones I Love.”