Dwight Yoakam Injects Humor Into “Intentional Heartache”


Dwight Yoakam’s music in the 1980s and ‘90s — honky-tonk fused with rock and punk — was so ahead of its time, it often overshadows his more recent work. On Monday (Sept. 30), a new compilation aims to shed light on the artist’s modern era.

21st Century Hits: Best of 2000-2012 contains 14 tracks from five albums ranging from Tomorrow’s Sounds Today right up to last year’s 3 Pears, plus a bonus DVD with five of Yoakam’s videos.

Since one of those videos is the hilarious “Intentional Heartache,” we figured it was worth pulling from the vault. Featuring a furious ex-wife, a can of neon green paint and some unfortunate NASCAR memorabilia, it’s lighthearted and not a whole lot different from some of today’s contemporary country themes. Even in 2005, Yoakam was a little ahead of the curve.

Yoakam directed the video himself, including his excited narration of events at the very end.

“Connie! Put that can of spray paint down!” he yells.

It gives me the intentional giggles every time.

Check out Yoakam’s silly side with “Intentional Heartache.”