The White Buffalo Shows Range in “Don’t You Want It”


The White Buffalo — a.k.a. singer-songwriter Jake Smith — gallops back to the golden era of radio in his new video for “Don’t You Want It.” Wearing a snappy suit and Western string tie while singing from an old-time radio studio, Smith serenades an Appalachian family dancing in their parlor. The vintage footage comes from filmmaker David Hoffman’s seminal 1964 documentary, Bluegrass Roots.

Like the giant beast that gave him his stage name, Smith’s musky baritone is hard to ignore, so you might recognize his voice from the outlaw-biker drama Sons of Anarchy. On his brand new Shadows, Greys and Evil Ways, though, the burly California native sings about matters of the heart and soul.

Watch as the White Buffalo traces his path to redemption in “Don’t You Want It.”