The Deep Dark Woods Explore English Folk


The Deep Dark Woods, a reliable Americana band that hails from Canada, wanted to pay homage to the music of England. The resulting track, “18th of December,” is an elegant and engaging highlight of Jubilee, a new album arriving on Sugar Hill Records on Sept. 30.

“I love the songs of Shirley Collins, Fairport Convention, Pentangle and Steeleye Span, traditional English music,” says the band’s Ryan Boldt. “Clayton [Linthicum] is an incredible English-style guitar player, so I wanted to attempt an English folk-rock song. Our producer, Jonathan Wilson, is also very familiar with that style of music, which made it very easy to accomplish. We basically played through it a couple of times, and out it came exactly how I had imagined.”

As the narrative weaves through the good times and bad, a breakup is examined from every angle. At the end, though, there’s no judgment or lingering bitterness. But it does make you wonder, is the song supposed to be happy or sad?

Posed with that question, Boldt replies, “As for lyrics, it’s a song about moving on. It could be looked at as a happy song or an unhappy song, but for me, it’s a happy song.”

In that case, as the celebrated painter Bob Ross might say, let’s add some happy trees. Check out the CMT Edge premiere of the Deep Dark Woods’ “18th of December.”