Judah & the Lion Savor “Sweet Tennessee”


Judah & the Lion chose an old-time look for their brand new video, “Sweet Tennessee.” However, rather than whiskey shots and shoot-‘em-ups, this Nashville trio is in hot pursuit of fresh milk and a barrel of cookies.

Yes, the milk is stolen, but that’s about as dangerous as it gets in this lighthearted video.

“We were really inspired by the movie Lawless for the video — the concept of outlaws and the 1930s style we truly love,” says Judah Akers. “But we wanted to make our ‘good clean fun’ spin on it, so we came up with stealing milk on a dairy farm. We wanted it to come off as sarcastic and funny but also with the outlaw feel. We love to have a good time and want our live shows to come off like that.”

With a cast of friends and family, the video was filmed near Akers’ hometown of Cookeville, Tenn., allowing the band to incorporate the rural scenery that inspired the song in the first place.

“Growing up in Tennessee with close family and good Southern cooking, I’ve been in love with this state since I was a kid. I remember the first time I went to Texas, I realized that everywhere else in the world did not have the green hills and the beautiful lakes. Call me spoiled,” Akers says with a smile.

“There is such a cool family pride in Tennessee that is very unique to anywhere in the world, and I love that. The song is truly inspired from memories and colors of home. Tennessee is so sweet!”

After gaining a following in the local music scene, the fledgling band was selected for an official showcase at the Americana Music Festival next week in Nashville.

“As a band, we are very inspired by the Americana style of music,” Akers says. “All of us have very eclectic styles of music we listen to that really influence us. We love bluegrass, Irish, electronic, hip-hop and folk, etc. So how do you define that? We feel that the Americana genre depicts each one. It’s the one genre that is very hard to define, and we love that. We are so excited to play at the festival and feel honored.”

Check out Judah & the Lion’s “Sweet Tennessee.”