Jason Isbell Nails “Different Days” in One Take

Jason Isbell recorded “Different Days” for his CMT Edge Live performance in one remarkable, soul-bearing take. I remember the awed feeling in the room when he finished and shrugged as he humbly said, “I can do it again, but it won’t get any better.”

Sober, married and feeling like a grown-up “citizen” for the first time in his life, the Alabama-born singer-songwriter wrote the song with hard-won wisdom and a gentle grace about his past. In describing that realization, Isbell said he could see the difference 10 years had made.

“It’s a positive song, a hopeful song,” he confessed. “Which isn’t always the easiest kind to write for me.”

Enjoy an exclusive performance of Jason Isbell’s hopeful “Different Days” — one of many standouts on his latest album Southeastern — on CMT Edge.