North Mississippi Allstars Blur the Boundaries


North Mississippi Allstars can’t mask their enthusiasm for their new video, “Meet Me in the City.” Shot in rural northern Mississippi (of course) as well as downtown Memphis, the narrative is rooted in dreamy fantasy, says band member Cody Dickinson.

“The storyline follows Duwayne Burnside as he makes his journey from the country to the city,” Dickinson tells CMT Edge. “My vision was to capture the Mississippi landscape with its natural beauty and resource juxtaposed with lost hope and desperation in one frame. This contrast was the key inspiration behind these short films.

“In Memphis, I set out to portray iconic images without being cliché. We had no problem finding spooky locations for our dreamscape. Pyramids, obelisks and desolation are everywhere in my beloved city,” he adds. “The interior shots are inside Zebra Ranch Studios, where we recorded the song.”

The sultry track is a highlight of their brand new album, World Boogie Is Coming, released last week.

Dickinson accurately refers to the video’s look as “an impressionistic dreamscape.” He goes on to say, “It is designed to provoke imagination and thought while maintaining a completely immersive, surreal experience. The storyline borrows heavily from the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, where death, the devil and lost love all play parts. The masked characters are recurring throughout all three of our short films, like in a dream. Whether they are onstage scratching a washboard, pouring water on a fire or marching around the city streets banging on drums, they are meant to blur the lines between reality and fantasy. They are whoever you want them to be.”

Along with the video’s mystique, it’s easy to get instantly swept up in the deep sonic groove of the song.

“The low end is designed to enhance sensuality in the music,” Dickinson says. “I find bass frequencies to be incredibly seductive. Slow jam all the way!”

Don’t miss North Mississippi Allstars’ “Meet Me in the City.”