Drew and Ellie Holcomb Chill With “The Wine We Drink”


Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors are a Nashville band with a strong national following, thanks to a lively stage presence, smart songs and a slew of music placement on TV shows like House and How I Met Your Mother.

However, the video for “The Wine We Drink” shows a more intimate side of the band. Instead of all the Neighbors hanging out, Drew Holcomb chills with just one — his wife Ellie Holcomb.

“We had come off a long stretch of touring, and I was thinking of how meaningful the small things have become in our marriage,” Drew tells CMT Edge. “Drinking a cheap glass of wine sitting on the couch. Doing the dishes. These are things we often miss out on when we tour, so they take on a whole new meaning in terms of intimacy.”

By trading lead vocals, the beautiful ballad becomes more than just a love song. It’s almost like they’re renewing their vows.

“I think the lyrics tell the story, so there was not a lot of need for any type of alternate or accompanying narrative,” he adds. “There are also these verses about the scars and imperfections that end up being the magnetic draw of a relationship. It’s a song about the grounding.”

A few weeks ago, the band announced that Ellie will scale back her presence in the band next year to spend more time with her own music as well as her community. Cheers to that.

Enjoy Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors’ “The Wine We Drink.”


Photo credit: Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images