Yarn Ties Together Darkness and Light in New Music


If you’re talking about country music coming out of Brooklyn, N.Y., you have to weave Yarn into the storyline. Five years ago, the band hooked me with their album Empty Pockets, thanks to its appealing Americana melodies and slightly bummed-out lyrics. Now they’re back with Shine the Light On, a new collection that calls to mind their initial efforts.

“I really wanted to make another acoustic record, focus on the songs and revisit the early days of Yarn,” says lead singer Blake Christiana. “Some of the best songs we’ve written live on this record. It’s a pretty dark collection, but we are confident you can find the light shining through.”

As for the title track, Christiana says, “We had been covering the Rolling Stones’ ‘Shine a Light’ at the time I wrote it, so I decided I wanted to write my own spiritual singalong, something positive for a change and something really simple that the crowd could easily catch on to. And from the first time we played it live, people have sung along, and it feels great.”

Go ahead, get wrapped up in Yarn’s “Shine the Light On.”