Steve Wariner Steers “‘48 Ford” Down Memory Lane


Like faded photographs or favorite songs, there are certain things that can take you right back in time. For Steve Wariner, that includes a vintage vehicle he spotted at a songwriting session. Suddenly the wheels were turning in his imagination.

“I pulled up at Jim Rushing’s house in Leiper’s Fork [near Nashville] to write one morning, and there was a ’48 Ford pickup truck sitting there in the driveway. It was awesome! Jim met me at the driver’s side door, and I sat my guitar down and climbed in. He explained his Uncle Bill had passed away, and it was his farm truck from his New Mexico ranch,” Wariner tells CMT Edge.

“I could not stop thinking of that truck and the stories I wished it could tell. We went inside and sat down to get to work. I continued to quiz Jim about that ’48 Ford. Finally Jim says, ‘Aw, hell, let’s just write about that truck.’… So we did. Honestly, it pretty much wrote itself!”

Next, Wariner test-drove the nostalgic tune with a few trusted ears.

“I played the song for my wife Caryn, and she loved it! She especially liked the line, ‘Mama said that that old preacher’s words was medicine for our soul.’ I recorded a rough demo of it and played it for some close friends, and their reaction was very good. I started playing it live and not long after performed it solo on A Prairie Home Companion. Again, the reaction was just tremendous.”

Now, Wariner is gearing up for a new album, It Ain’t All Bad, arriving on Sept. 10 on his own SelecTone Records. Buckle up for the CMT Edge premiere of “‘48 Ford.”