Sioux City Kid Goes Silent at “Wishin’ Well”


Jared Griffin, aka Sioux City Kid, possesses the tattered vocal presence you might expect from a world-weary bluesman being chased by Bigfoot. For his up-tempo voodoo stomp “Wishin’ Well,” the San Francisco native created a video just as off-kilter as his sound, pieced together with old footage from the silent-film era.

“I think even watching footage today is creepy,” the singer-songwriter told CMT Edge. “If you watch So You Think You Can Dance or America’s Got Talent with the sound off, I actually think they’re very terrifying as well.”

All joking aside, Griffin says there was something about that grainy old black-and-white film that went well with “Wishin’ Well” and its spooky theme.

“In the video there’s this couple dancing throughout, but there’s a close-up of his face at the very end. He’s got this huge smile, but it’s the creepiest smile ever. It’s like ‘Is that genuine?’ That’s what makes it creepy is the unknown, like, ‘What’s the agenda here?’ It’s things that are not being said.”

See if you can unravel Sioux City Kid’s agenda with the CMT Edge premiere of “Wishin’ Well.”