Sara Petite Hopes Her “Circus” Will Brighten Your Day


After the sudden passing of her best friend and partner in 2011, singer-songwriter Sara Petite found herself battling depression at the exact moment her career seemed to be taking off.

“I was on two really great tours, opening for one of my heroes,” she recalls. “I should be really happy, and every night I had to get onstage and perform and smile, and I really just wanted to roll up into fetal position and cry.”

The title track of the San Diego musician’s new album Circus Comes to Town captures her inner conflict and confusion, a familiar truth for many people.

“I couldn’t believe the response this song has received, a lot of people suffer from depression,” she says. “It isn’t something you can ignore and suppress because it just gets worse.”

Ultimately, Petite found solace in her music and the support and encouragement she got from friends and fans. She learned to find strength in experiences of others and hopes the metaphorical message of her song will be a help for someone else.

Check out Sara Petite’s “Circus Comes to Town.”