Dillon Hodges Is Back on the Run in “The Proof”


I’ve got a theory about young Dillon Hodges’ new video “The Proof.” A few months back, CMT Edge premiered the former flatpicking guitar champ’s “Bullet for a Broken Heart,” and that video ended with Hodges on the run, realizing he can’t swim and singing, “Cold mountain river gonna take me home.”

Fast forward to “The Proof,” and we find him plucked half-dead from icy waters and lamenting that there’s no point in running. There’s a lynch mob out there looking for a killer, and they won’t stop until they find what they’re after.

He carefully puts on a steely suit, fixes cold eyes on the door and patiently waits for his fate to arrive. To be continued?

Hodges’ quick picking shows evidence of his bluegrass background while his voice toggles between bluesy anger and regret.

Check out the chilling world premiere of Dillon Hodges’ “The Proof.”