Luray Find Inspiration in the Mountains for “Crying”


Shannon Carey captures bits of the Shenandoah Mountains’ essence with her band Luray, named after a small Virginia town near the ancient range. Her rolling banjo and sweet, earthy vocals recall the classic sounds of the region, but she’s not too tied to tradition to make beautiful use the steel guitar, either.

With “Crying,” off their new album The Wilder, Carey and Luray use all those elements to imagine a down-home childhood and a time when boys were molded into men.

“I wrote this song about two little boys raised by their mother who taught them to show a brave face to the world and not to show vulnerability,” she tells CMT Edge. “I’m also a person who never cried easily, but when I did, it was hard to stop. So it’s about the value of being in touch with your emotions.”

Produced by her brother Sean Carey (drummer and backing vocalist of the Grammy-winning band Bon Iver), The Wilder comes out Aug. 27.

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