Austin Lucas Counts His Blessings on “Four Wheels”


Austin Lucas spends about 10 months of the year touring the world, so writing songs about life on the road comes naturally. “Four Wheels,” a standout track from his upcoming album, pays tribute to the people who keep the home fires burning.

Asked how his fondness for country music influenced the track, Lucas told CMT Edge, “It’s a traveling song about both the appreciation of the people you meet on the road and missing the family you’re leaving at home. I personally think that there are few more poignant, nor more tried and true, country music archetypes that a road-worn songwriter can tap into.”

Although his father has had songs recorded in the bluegrass and folk realm, Lucas came into the Americana world by way of a punk and metal career. But listening to him sing, the Indiana native possesses a sweet, twangy voice that clearly draws on traditional country music.

“Four Wheels” is a highlight of Stay Reckless, arriving Aug. 27 on New West Records. After that, his travels will continue — including an official showcase at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville in September.

“I very much wanted to convey my gratitude to my friends, family and fans with this song. I tour so much that I find myself both getting to see people that I love every day and, in turn, leaving them behind. It’s a double-edged sword of sorts, and I found myself needing to let them all know in a song how much they’re appreciated and loved. Especially in spite of my shortcomings as a person,” he says.

“It can be hard to care about someone that you only get to see once or twice a year and even harder to try to pick up where you left off when you see them again. I’ve been blessed with the best, most patient and tolerant types of people in my life, and this song goes out to all of them.”

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